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Gay Travel Asia

Gay travel is often considered a safe haven for many men and women who seek to experience the variety that modern, Western society offers. Gay travel Asia or LGBT travel, is essentially an umbrella phrase. Encompassing modern, gay travel, which often entails travel to some of Asia’s most exotic locations. Including Southeast Asia, South America, Australia, and New Zealand.

But despite the fact that there are many safe for travel. So share their experiences in safe, accepting environments.

For anyone seeking gay travel in Asia, Thailand is an obvious destination. With Thailand’s Bangkok the capital of the country, it is no surprise that Bangkok is a hot spot for gay travelers. The city is the first stop for those exploring Southeast Asia. Is well worth the trip for those interested in exploring the rich Thai culture, nightlife, art, music, and shopping.

Thailand offers a wide array of activities for the gay traveler. A gay friendly beach town in Southern Thailand. Other popular stops in Thailand include Pattaya. An exciting seaside resort town with a vibrant nightlife and a plethora of gay-friendly cafes and bars.

bangkok peninsula

Other popular destinations for gay travel in Asia include Indonesia, a historic Southeast Asian country with a large gay community. But like Thailand, Indonesia is a popular destination for gay tourists, with plenty of gay nightlife in Jakarta and other places throughout the country.

On a more remote scale, there are small villages in the Philippines and Malaysia that are perfect for those interested in exploring their sexuality and culture. But one of the most interesting destinations for travel in Asia is Sri Lanka.

A small island nation that has beautiful scenery and a culture deeply influenced by Buddhism. Gay travelers in search of seclusion find a wealth of secluded beaches in the country’s South.